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Atölye20 Meeting Point, a joint initiative by sculptor Sevgi Karay and industrial designer Deniz Coşkun, was established in 2014, building upon the foundation of KARAYARTS, a workshop where sculptor Hayri Karay and Sevgi Karay produced their own works. Operating since 1992, the wood sculpture, iron sculpture, and manufacturing workshop has developed various production techniques over the years and has hosted interdisciplinary art events. In 2014, the workshop transformed into Atölyt20 Meeting Point, opening its doors to those eager to learn and dedicating itself to transferring knowledge and artistic experience by bringing masters together with apprentices and teachers with students.

Sevgi KARAY and Atölye20 Collective Artists

Since 2014, led by sculptor Sevgi Karay, Atölye20 has been training students and artists in various art disciplines. Over the years, the artist has established her own art collective, collaborated with artists within the collective, organized exhibitions, participated in art fairs, prepared for competitions, and contributed artworks to museums. Atölye20 continues its activities as a cultural and artistic meeting point primarily focused on producing iron and wood sculptures.


  • Clay Sculpture and Drawing
  • Iron Sculpture
  • Wood Design and Sculpture
  • Stone Sculpture
  • Knife Design
  • Digital Workshop
  • Portfolio Art with Young Students


Film Seminars, Philosophy Seminars, Art Talks

Music Performances, Exhibitions, Dinners with Music, Meetings

Atölye 20 Team

Founding Partners and Management

Project Development 

Digital Content Development and Social Media Management

Technical Team


Finance and Marketing Manager

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