Hayri Karay was born in 1952 in Balıkesir. He studied sculpture at Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts from 1970 to 1975. From 1976 to 1984, he served as a teaching assistant and began working as an instructor-teacher in sculpture studios. He earned his career in “Artistic Proficiency” as the equivalent of a doctoral degree in higher education. As his associate professorship thesis, he wrote a research book titled “Geometry in Sculpture Art.” Since 2016, he has been providing sculpture instruction at Atölye20. He sustains his artistic career at the Karay Dekorasyon Studio, which he co-founded with his spouse, Sevgi Karay.


1970-1975: Sculpture education at Mimar Sinan University, Fine Arts Academy.

1976-1984: Assistant professorship and instructor in sculpture workshops at Mimar Sinan University, Fine Arts Academy.

Obtained “Artistic Competence” as the equivalent of a Ph.D. in higher education.

The research book titled “Geometry in Sculpture (Heykel Sanatında Geometri.)”


Selected Exhibitions

1976 Gallery Baraz, ISTANBUL

1977 Hotel Intercontinental, ISTANBUL

1984 Gallery Beyaz, BODRUM

1966 International World Children’s Drawing Competition “Forte dei Marmi” Florence, Italy (award)

1973-74-75 Ahmet Andiçen Sculpture Exhibition, ISTANBUL (award)

1973-74-75 State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, ANKARA

1974 Hadi Bara Sculpture Competition, ISTANBUL (award)

1975-76 III. Istanbul Festival Archaeological Museums Painting-Sculpture Exhibition, ISTANBUL (award)

1975 Safranbolu Sculpture Exhibition, SAFRANBOLU

1975 Antalya Festival Sculpture Symposium, ANTALYA

1976 Yarımca Art Festival Sculpture Exhibition, Yarımca, ISTANBUL (award)

1977-78-79 Istanbul Art Festival “New Trends Exhibition,” ISTANBUL (award)

1978 XII. International Alexandria Biennial, Egypt

1980 Isbank Symbol Competition, ANKARA (award)

1980 Istanbul Municipality Plaque Competition, ISTANBUL (award)

1981 Small Sculpture Exhibition-Maçka Art Gallery, ISTANBUL

1984 Mimar Sinan University Faculty Sculpture Exhibition, ISTANBUL

1986 Enka Sculpture Exhibition, ISTANBUL (award)

1987 Contemporary Artists Sculpture Exhibition, ISTANBUL (award)

1987 I. International Istanbul Biennial Exhibition within the scope of National Exhibitions at Artisan Art Gallery and Cumalı Art Gallery, ISTANBUL

1990 Santral Holding Grand Exhibition 2, ISTANBUL and ANKARA

1991 Artisan Art Gallery, Istanbul Black and White Art Gallery, ANKARA

1992 Contemporary Artists Exhibition, ISTANBUL and ANKARA

1992-2004 Various group exhibitions

2009 “My Father and My Son,” Group Exhibition, Sümerbank, ISTANBUL

2013 Turkish Sculpture Art’s 100 Years, Group Exhibition, Akmerkez

2013 Unity of Contrasts, Kalamış, ISTANBUL

2015 Horizon Line, Elgiz Contemporary Art Museum, ISTANBUL

2017 Tethys – III. Time Encounters Tophane-i Amire, ISTANBUL



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