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Atölye20 organizes online and face-to-face seminars enriched by the contribution of valuable instructors, artists, and professors.

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Instructor: Aslıhan TEKİNIRK
Class Days and Time: Mondays – Between 20:00-22:00
Total Class Hours: 10 hours / 5 Weeks

The ZOOM link will be shared 1 hour before the seminar starts.”

Aslıhan Tekinırk

Graduated from BELS with Cambridge IGCSE certificates and completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in Visual
Arts (IBDP High-Level Visual Arts). She graduated with her thesis titled “Görme Engelleri: Fransız Empresyonizminin Arkasındaki Sır(”
(“Visual Impairments: The Secret Behind French Impressionism”). After her first exhibition “Kaos” in 2015, she moved to Italy upon
acceptance to the Architecture Department at Politecnico di Milano. Currently, she is studying in the Painting Department at the
Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and preparing for her second exhibition, “Kosmos.” Besides her professional artistry, she has
conducted art history workshops at various cultural and family education centers in Milan. She continues to conduct online seminars
in Turkey.

Age Group: 14+

0212 325 5002

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