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Original Printmaking Techniques Training Program:

In the Printmaking Training Program, we will learn and practice printmaking by applying contemporary resorces enriched by techniques used from BC to 2000  in human history.

Printmaking techniques have been used for centuries as a unique method in various fields, from printing presses to seals, fabric patterns, employed in the art of painting as well. Original printmaking involves several processes, primarily preparation and printing. Compared to known painting techniques, it can be said that it is a more intricate process involving technical stages. Moreover, while a single piece is produced in painting, printmaking creates a limited edition of numbered and signed works by the artist. Traditional printmaking methods are based on four fundamental methods: relief, intaglio, stencil, and planographic printing. In this training program, participants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with traditional printmaking techniques blended with contemporary applications.

Conducted under the guidance of printmaking artist Yeşim Paktin, our workshops include seven original printmaking techniques:

  1. Linocut Printing
  2. Woodcut Printing
  3. Cyanotype Printing
  4. Monoprinting
  5. Gel Printing
  6. Screen Printing
  7. Drypoint Etching

Linocut Printing

Linocut Printing Workshop (One Day)

The linocut printing workshop is a fun and educational activity for participants of all ages who want to explore printmaking. Linocut printing, a relief printing technique, allows for various applications on surfaces like paper and fabric. In the one-day linocut printing workshop, participants will transfer and carve a design onto a linoleum block, by learning and applying carving techniques. They will then create five single-color prints using the prepared blocks, producing their own linocut prints. Additionally, participants can make prints on a canvas tote bag.

All materials for daily participation are provided by the studio.

Linocut Printing Workshop (Monthly Program)

The monthly linocut printing workshop consists of 4 weeks, totaling 16 hours. Participants new to linocut printing will learn to transfer a design onto an A4-sized block, followed by carving and printing in the first two weeks. In the remaining two weeks, they will develop another linocut printing project, basing it on A4 dimensions, and print using the blocks they have prepared. Basic materials like ink and paint will be provided by the workshop for monthly participation. However, participants are encouraged to acquire their own linoleum blocks and carving tools for continued work outside workshop hours.

Participants interested in advancing to an intermediate linocut printing workshop can, with the guidance of the instructor, work on their own linocut printing projects.

For fees and workshop schedules, please contact us at +90 212 325 5002

Woodblock Print Workshop

Woodblock print, one of the oldest printing techniques, is a relief printing method. The desired design is drawn on a wooden block, and then all areas outside the design are carved away. Thus, ink is transferred to paper only from the raised portions. Like many printing methods, this workshop program consists of two main stages. In the first stage, the printing block is prepared. For this, the design to be printed is transferred to the block, and carving is done. Once all preparations are complete, the printing stage begins.

The woodblock print workshop is a two-session program, totaling 8 hours. In the first session, a preparatory work is done on a block not exceeding A4 size. In the second session, 5 prints are made using the prepared block. Materials are provided by the workshop, but participants are recommended to acquire their own carving tools to continue their work.

For detailed information about workshop participation, please contact us at +90 212 325 5002.

Cyanotype Print

Cyanotype is a photo printing technique obtained with a special solution that reacts to UV rays. The solution reacts to light and turns into an impressive blue color after exposure. That’s why it is called cyanotype, meaning blue printing.

In the cyanotype workshop, participants learn the preparation, application, and exposure stages of the solution, and at the end of the workshop, they have their own 10 cyanotype prints.

For detailed information about workshop participation, you can contact us at +90 212 325 5002.

Mono Print

Mono print is a printmaking technique where only one copy of the print is produced. In this technique, a carved plate that could be used to reproduce the same print is not typically prepared. Prints that cannot be repeated are produced through the application of paint on a flat surface. Compared to other printing methods, the preparation stage is much shorter and less laborious. However, it allows for highly experimental work.

In the Mono Print Workshop, participants learn mono printing techniques and produce their own prints.

For detailed information about workshop participation, you can contact us at +90 212 325 5002.

Gel Print

Jel print is a mono printing method that involves transferring paint and pattern work done on gelatin plates to paper. It allows for much more layered work compared to hard flat surfaces.

For detailed information about workshop participation, you can contact us at +90 212 325 5002.

Screen Printing

Screen printing, also known as silk printing, is one of the newest printing techniques, yet it has the widest range of applications. In screen printing, the desired patterns are exposed on stretched silk fabric frames. The process consists of preparation, exposure, and printing stages.

For single-day participation in the screen printing workshop, the printing stages are demonstrated. In the monthly program, participants, under the guidance of the instructor, produce their own prints.

For detailed information about workshop participation, you can contact us at +90 212 325 5002.

Drypoint Etching

Participants in a drypoint printmaking workshop, which utilizes an intaglio technique, draw and scratch the design they want to print onto a plate of A5 size. Using these prepared molds, they then obtain 5 drypoint print images.

For detailed information about workshop participation, please contact us at +90 212 325 5002.

Yeşim Paktin

Yeşim Paktin is an illustrator and artist based in Istanbul. After completing her undergraduate studies in the Philosophy department, she continued her master’s and doctoral education in the Painting department at Hacettepe University. In addition to her interest in street art, she focuses on printmaking techniques in her artistic practice. She also creates illustrations for various publications and projects. She has been working since 2018 Atölye20, and currently leading Printmaking workshops.

Age Group: 14 and over

Number of Participants: 4

+90 212 325 5002

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