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Oil Painting Workshop

Oil painting provides an environment where artists can reflect their emotional expression. Participants in the workshop are given the opportunity to discover their own personal expressions and incorporate them into their artworks.

These workshops offer art enthusiasts an excellent educational environment to express their creativity and enhance their artistic development. The workshop provides an opportunity for participants to learn and practice different techniques. Guidance is given on inspiration sources and subject selection to help participants create their own works. Various approaches, such as drawing inspiration from nature, creating portraits, and experimenting with abstract art, are encouraged.

Our oil painting education program focuses not only on the basic principles of oil painting materials but also on more advanced topics such as brushstrokes, perspective, light-shadow effects, creating textures, and the crucial composition principles of a painting. By encouraging participants to critically evaluate their own and others’ works, we aim to contribute to their development. Thus, we provide a wonderful environment for anyone interested in exploring and learning different aspects of art. These workshops create an ideal educational setting for art enthusiasts to express their creativity and improve their artistic skills.

Materials Used: Oil paint, brushes, palette knife, canvas, turpentine, linseed oil

Production Techniques: Color theory and application, palette work, color wheel, color harmony rules, pattern, composition principles

Language of Instruction: Turkish, German, English, Farsi

Instructors: Nazanin Nankeli

Our workshops take place every Wednesday and Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00.

Please contact us to participate in our courses.

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Born in 1987 in Iran, she graduated from Tehran University in visual arts in 2015. She has participated in group exhibitions and received training from artists such as Ahmet Nejat and Sevgi Karay. She worked as an assistant to both artists. Currently, she continues her work at Atölye20 Cultur and Art Meeting Point.

Age Group: 15 and over

Number of Participants: 8

+90 212 325 5002

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