Wood Workshop

Whether your intention is a hobby or a professional pursuit, we teach woodwork to our students with an academic approach at Atölye20. You can join Atölye20 wood workshop with the goal of sculpting or creating objects you have designed. In the initial lessons, we first teach how to safely use the hand tools to work with on wood. We provide information about processes such as, measuring, cutting, carving, joining, sanding, filling, painting, and polishing wood. We start with simple object creation and gradually guide our students towards advanced woodcarving and creating sculpture.

In sculpture and object creation, pre-designing the project according to the material is crucial for both the construction process and the most efficient use of the material. Therefore, we start teaching the logic of proper planning and creating the project based on the material from the early lessons, before starting the project.

Instructors: Hayri Karay – Sculptor, Gülce Çağın – Sculptor

Materials Used: Wood and wood carving equipment

Production Techniques: Planning, measuring, wood cutting, carving, joining, sanding, filling, painting, polishing

Language of Instruction: Turkish, German, English, Farsi

Our workshops are held every Wednesday and Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00.

Please contact us to participate in our courses.


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Hayri Karay

Hayri Karay was born in 1952 in Balıkesir. He studied sculpture at Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts from 1970 to 1975. From 1976 to 1984, he served as a teaching assistant and began working as an instructor-teacher in sculpture studios. He earned his career in “Artistic Proficiency” as the equivalent of a doctoral degree in higher education. As his associate professorship thesis, he wrote a research book titled “Geometry in Sculpture Art.”


Gülce Çağın

Gülce Çağın was born in 1996. She graduated from Pera Fine Arts High School in 2014. She received painting education in the studios of Gülercan Hacıoğlu and Zeynep Özdemir. Between 2015 and 2023, she completed her undergraduate degree in the Sculpture Department at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. During her education, she participated in wood symposiums, group exhibitions, and competitions. Currently, she continues her work at Atölye20 Cultural and Art Meeting Point.


Age Group: 12 and over

Number of Participants: 8

+90 212 325 5002

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