Knife Making Workshop

Welcome to the Atölye20 Knife Making Workshop!

Atölye20 is the perfect destination for bringing your passion in this field to life.

Knife making is not just about shaping metal; it’s also an excellent environment for expressing your personal creativity and enhancing your manual skills. Whether you’re pursuing it as a hobby or have a professional goal, our knife workshop invites you to an exciting journey, combining craftsmanship and art, with the guidance of our instructors and technical team.

Participants begin with their own design/drawing and continue with handle and liner selection. Throughout the lessons, techniques on how the knife is shaped through forging or cutting processes are covered. In the following lessons, mouth opening, metal hardening and softening are explained. The metal part of the knife is finalized with “Stonewash” if desired.

After this stage, the process moves on to fitting/attaching the handle to the knife. Shaping the handle, sanding it to the desired surface, cleaning, lubricating, and finishing bring the knife to its final form.

All these stages are carried out one-on-one with the guidance and supervision of the instructor.

Materials Used: 23-24cm handmade knife from 80CrV2 carbon steel based on the participant’s special design, forging steel or “Stock Removal” (cutting from the blade) according to metal preference, wood, epoxy, or liner for the handle

Production Techniques: Knife design, training on all equipment used in knife making

Program Duration: 4 sessions (20 hours)

Instructor: Emre Baloğlu

Language of Instruction: Turkish, German, English, Farsi, Italian

Please contact us to join our knife workshop and create your custom program.

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Born in 1990, graduated from Galileo Galilei Italian High School in 2009. After graduation, he completed the Visual Arts and Painting department at NABA in Italy with the highest degree (Cum Laude). He completed the Sound Design certificate program, and after finishing the Advanced Course in Art Markets, he graduated from the Curatorial Studies and Visual Arts master program. In addition, he has worked on music and sound design for fashion shows and various sectors, and he continues to do so. Since returning to Istanbul in 2021, he has been a Knife Instructor at Atölye20, while also continuing his sculpture and painting work.

Age Group: 15 and over

Number of Participants: 8

+90 212 325 5002

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