Throughout my thirty-year banking career, I had the opportunity to engage with various forms of art during short periods. With the retirement from my professional career, I joined with Atölye 20 to collectively explore the answer to the question, “Is the world real or imaginary?” The four years of collaboration brought about a soul perfectly attuned to the body, an ability to envision myself in a different way beyond the unstoppable pace of daily life, and the means to express it through art.

Miko, Cicevo, Kapra, Alobar, Kudra, and others have joined my story on this journey. We are grateful to the Atölye 20 family for making this entire journey possible.



Artcontact Istanbul 06.2021, Atölye20 Meeting Point

ArtAnkara 8th Contemporary Art Fair 03.2022, Tabularasa Transnational Art

Artcontact Istanbul 05.2022, Atölye20 Meeting Point

Galeri Işık Koruncuk Vakfı 10.2022, Atölye20 Meeting Point

Yol Sculpture Exhibition, 04.2023, Magmaweld

A Threshold Forest, 06.2023, Gallery 11.17

Elgiz Museum Istanbul, 06.2023, Polarity

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